Garment Movement (2019)

Experimental Film. Made in collaboration with Artist Emily Webb.

Garment Movement is an exploration into the active and responsive female body in movement. It thinks about the conventions of the way in which we move through and exist in space and tries to find strange alternatives to these, centralising the relationship between the architecture of the building and the artists body within it. Each movement was an improvised intuitive response to the space. It plays out a conversation between performer, object and camera. I wanted to reflect a particular type of self-making, aften explicitly gendered, where an understanding of who we are comes from constant dialogue with other people, objects and architectures that we encounter.

Shot in the abandoned Peter Scott Woollen Mill in Hawick, Scotland, the film is charged with both a personal history and significance for the town. The historic cashmere industry and its decline has left these relics in the form of buildings and historic prosperity and economic disparity, whilst for me it contains happy memories of exploring the warren like building as a teenager. The strange way in which we relate to the building within the film was an intentional way of trying to tease out a history, excavate the ghosts of many hundreds of working women who were there before me. As female bodies within a space which is now empty, we become like ghosts haunting the space and I think that is partly why the film takes on such a sinister quality.

Pastime Present Tense at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scottish Borders, 2020
Moving-Image-Arts International Short Film Festival, Ontario, 2021

Watch now on Vimeo.