Oscillations (2022)

Performed by Bridie Ashrowan and Dove Ashrowan.
Shot on location in the Scottish Borders.
16mm processing by On8mil.

Stornoway by Shen (1992)
Remixed by Lily Ashrowan

Installed as part of Goldsmiths Undergraduate Degree Show 2022.

Experimental artists film which expores the impulse towards celebratory euphoria, the wax and wane of emotions, and embodied and hereditory memory. Mother and daughter mirror one another, and we see traces of one within the other. The film emerged from a research archive wich explores parellels between the artits parents and thier own experinces of the Uk dance music scene. Revelling and enacting the second hand nostalgia she inherited from her parents might be a personal project which looks towards a more joyful future. It is performed by the artists mother and sister. The soundtrack is a remix of a track produced by the artists father in the early 90's.

In installation, the film is accompanied by a silkscreen printed mirror which is illuminated by the light from the projector: it is a second screen, a moment of reflection. The text is as much a narrative journey as fleeting and fragmentory, to be moved through.