The lived experience of being a body, feeling the growth and metamorphosis of its changing shape, the changing influx of serotonin with the lengthening spring light, the hormones that intervene and restructure my patterns of emotion every month. My attempts to contain the lived experience within words will always exclude the matter at hand, its physical materiality.

For Hayles, it is important to emphasise that bodily practices have a bodily reality that can never fully be assimilated into discourse. (Hayles 1999, 195) To reduce the world to a pattern of information, discourses, representations, is to exclude the specific lived experience of the situation and the person. We must reinsert these experiences as central to our experience of moving through the world, resist the urge to consider that the bodies materiality is secondary to the logical or semiotic structures it encodes. (Hayles 1999, 192) This seconding of the body does a disservice to the field of feminist technoscience, as in attaching conversations to the specificity of the material encounter we might open up new conversations. For Haraway, to exclude the body is an oversight, these ontologically confusing bodies and the practices that produce specific embodiment, are what we have to address, not the false problem of disembodiment. (Haraway 1997, 186) What might happen when we begin to address the materiality of our being in relation to the technical appendages which extend us?

To engage with a feminist technoscience requires an insistence on the corporeal, our practices of both being and moving through the world, an immersion in worldly material-semiotic practices. (Haraway 1997, 190)

How pertinent the physicality of the body has become in the age of work from home, bathroom darkrooms, seminars from bed, cocktail nights and memorials streamed to your living room on the World Wide Web. Even the close proximity of other bodies to your own is an interaction charged with moral and legal implications: How different it is to cry without the hand of another to hasten to your shoulder.