In a crit I perform for the camera. My body becomes an image on a screen: a pattern of light transmitted through the airwaves from Scotland to England, to the Cayman Islands, to Hong Kong and Brazil. On the other side an intensity of three coloured lights allows my body to materialise as an image on a screen. My body becomes an art image. The body does not so much disappear, as repeat itself. For Pierre Lévy, virtualisation is a doubling, the body is both here and there. (Lévy 1998, 39) The material body is becoming itself over and over again as an image on a screen, the only physical instantiation of the artwork.

The bodies transformation into an image is not a transcendence of its materiality, but an embracing of its own objecthood. Not a representation of something else but a thing like any other. For Hito Steyerl, the image doesn't represent reality. It is a fragment of the real world. (Steyerl 2010) The body materialises again through the computer with its visual apparatus of light, contrast and colour. It is an object in the world made of matter, for your consumption, rejection and participation, this would mean participating in the material of the image as well as the desires and forces it accumulates. (Steyerl 2010) If my body is an image it allows me to reinsert my own materiality into the exchange and value of information.